Jeffrey Jon Gluck — Sculptor


When you look into the vastness of the clear night sky and your whole being takes on a quality of lightness, expansiveness – and time stands still – it is this sensation, the movement from the relative to the absolute that motivates my endeavors as an artist.


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for your home, office, meditation space, or shrine

Symbolic Image Series

Vast Space Suspended Series

As an extension of my sculptural practice, I offer to you these personal sized symbolic image sculptures for your home, office, meditation space, or shrine. These images are drawn from the Yogic and Dharmic Arts Traditions, which I have expressed through my own exploration of sculptural techniques and methods. Each piece is a hand-made unique work of Art. Due to my patina process, which allows for spontaneity, no two are exactly alike. They are made entirely of copper, are lightweight and ready to hang on a wall or suspend from above.



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