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Metal Wall Sculptures

Installation and Care


The back of each sculpture is labeled and signed with an engraved monogram.

Installation ~ Please unwrap each piece carefully. Try to keep packing tape away from the metal surfaces. You can use the white foam as a cushion on the floor while leaning the piece against a wall. Always wear clean soft white gloves when handling the sculptures. In back of each piece is a wall cleat which is removed, then positioned and fastened to the wall. The sculpture is slipped over the cleat and it's hung.

Cleaning ~ Copper surfaces are waxed or lacquered. They can be dusted very lightly with a soft clean cloth. This is all that should be done. Do not use any type of cleaning product. Rusted steel surfaces are oiled or lacquered. They can be lightly dusted. Stainless steel surfaces are mostly untreated although some are lacquered. Finger prints on the untreated surfaces can be removed by spraying streakless glass cleaner on a soft rag and rubbing lightly until dry. If necessary a stainless steel cleaner may be used on stainless only, not on the copper.

Storage ~ While in storage, please protect against dents and scratches. White foam or clean towels are useful as the first layer contacting the metals. Other protective layers can be used over these such as cardboard, ridged foam, bubble wrap or furniture blankets.

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